there has been 9 downloads! I honestly thought that there wouldn't be any. Mostly because this is an incredibly simple tile set that I made for more as a learning experience. I have never purposely made a tile set on its own with out having some sort of a game set up ahead of time. 

A quick look at other things I have posted will tell you that I am a game jammer. I had always thought that the more game jams I do the better my skills would be and that's the end of  it. However after the Butterschotch shenanijam(probably spelled something wrong) and failing the next couple of game jams I realized that my programming wasn't the hard part, the scenery was. My process for making "tile sets" was panic and add crap as I went, with out setting up a colour(color) pallet.  

Now I have a process for making tile sets that works for me, and making this tile set was the first steps. I am working on a tile set I intend to use to make a game and release for others to use. At the moment it is about twice the size of the 16x16 mystic tile sets combined and much prettier looking. The only detail I will give is that it is 24x24 tiles. for some reason that is my favorite for making games.

Thanks for reading and downloading :)

~ AplicableToast

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