A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the first ever Butterscotch shenanijam!!

First time using game maker2, I think it went well aside from audio.




  • The best thing I made this weekend was this game and or delicious sourdough bread. Too close to call really

  • I got hung up on trying to use game maker 2 auto-tiling stuff. I think this is because I am stubborn. For my next jam, I’ll do some better research to mitigate that.

  • Did you get along well with your team (or yourself)? Why or why not? I worked alone so yeah, I mean my brain was basically fried on day two at midnight even though I felt like I could have continued.

  • Did you ever get stuck in the details of something? How can you help yourself stay unstuck? yeah, the audio was the biggest problem. I need to learn better ways of handling and making audio quicker.

  • What’s something that you spent a LOT of time doing that you could automate or make easier (by changing the process or even writing code to automate it)? this jam I actually didn't have a lot of stuff to automate. copy and paste made sure of that(copying my own code and objects, I am not a filthy rapscallion) like the boss thingy is just the cupcake thingy mixed with the jumping cream puff thingy.

  • What’s the next feature you’d add to your game if you continued to work on it? fix all the audio stuff and add some sort of paralaxing to make it look more polished.

  • What’s the worst thing about your game? Why? the audio. because it is the thing I do last and the thing I normally don't get to in most of my projects.

Install instructions

follow Gamemaker exe installation thing


TheDessertParallel.exe 10 MB


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Reminded us a lot like Megaman on NES, but with some cool features like infinite shooting and a those gravity inversors were cool mechanic.

Thanks :) I was playing megaman3 when I wasn't sleeping or working on this. Thank you for commenting :D